Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rrrrrico Suave

The other night, my husband and I had the privilege of driving home 3 teenage girls. They had all just been to a Crew meeting with SRT, and were in the back seat whispering and giggling as teen-aged girls have a tendency to do. My ever-so-suave son was also in the back seat, squished over in the corner as far as he could go. (We can't afford a mini-van, so we just tend to break every safety law there is by packin'em in like a can of sardines)

Now, my son is twelve and on the cusp of puberty. He still has a few things to learn. Witness his idea of stimulating conversation.

"Hey, gas prices are $1.98!"

The dude's a lady killer, what can I say?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Amazing Love

Yesterday at church something miraculous happened. It's almost too surreal and delicate and tender to write about. I'm tempted not to share it just yet because I want to savor it a little more. But...being the blabbermouth that I am, keeping information to myself is not my forte.

For the past month or so my parents have been coming to church with me. Yesterday, the Lord spoke very specifically to both of them and they both re-dedicated their lives to Jesus. I cannot paint the picture for you because words simply will not do it justice. I wish those of you who have been praying could have been there to witness it, but know that the Lord did hear and honor your prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To my Lord God,

You are beyond words. Your love cannot be explained or contained. I will spend eternity adoring You. All my love to You Jesus.

A Nomination? Me????

Wow. I'm completely humbled. Not! ;)

Thank you to whoever (or is it whomever?) nominated me and I ask all 3 of my faithful readers to click on the picture and go vote!!!! For me!!!!

Shalee...you're already nominated in several categories and I am in awe. Good luck girly girl!